Starting Up A New Farm? 2 Tips To Increase The Chances Of Healthy Crops

If you are starting up a new farm and plan to plant a lot of crops, this can be a huge waste of time and money if the crops do not grow well. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help increase the chances of everything being healthy. 

Use an Electric Drive System

One of the best ways you can ensure a good, healthy crop is to use an electric drive system. These systems use things like geo-mapping, sensors, robots, and drones. A lot of equipment is also used along with these things. 

The equipment and technology help you know where to plant seeds on your fields and the exact amount of chemicals or fertilizers that you need to use. When all data is gathered, you then have the option to use a tractor that has a steering system that is completely hands free. The steering program knows exactly how to maneuver the tractor. There is also a variable action control that can be used to prepare your land. 

Electric drive systems are expensive, but you will make your money back quickly if you have healthy crops. It is also very detailed in how this works, and the service company you choose can explain everything to you in much more detail. Contact a company that sells products like Precision Ag SureDrive systems to learn more.

Test the Soil

Another way to help have healthy crops is to have the soil tested. You can take samples of soil and take the soil to your local extension office. This office will test the soil for nutrients to determine what the soil is lacking in. You can then add the nutrients that are needed in order to make the soil healthy.

When taking samples, you need to take samples from different areas of the farm. This is because soil in one area may not have the same nutrients as the soil in another. Use a sealed bag or a sealed container. Gather the soil and place it into separate bags or containers. Mark the container that you used with a pen showing the area where the soil came from. The extension office will do the test and then give you a report on each sample to tell you what the soil is lacking.

Once you find what your soil needs, you can visit your local agricultural store to purchase the fertilizer that is needed. Take the reports with you that you received from the extension office, and the agricultural store employee can help you choose the right amount and the right type of fertilizer.

Following these tips will allow you to make much more money, as you will be able to sell more crops.