Here at Nutrition Direct® We have your interests and goals at the forefront of all our decisions, making sure that you get the right supplements and nutrition to suit your needs. We understand that everyone is different and has different fitness aims; going from bodybuilding, to rugby to long distance running and extreme sports. We research all areas of nutrition, supplementation and training, allowing your understanding to grow, as ours does, in one of the fastest growing and interesting areas of scientific research.


In competitive sport the need for an edge over the competition is crucial. This can be anything from training harder, thinking smarter or even just having the correct sports nutrition in place. At Nutrition Direct® we can't train or think for you, but we can offer you the absolute highest quality sports nutrition supplements available.

ABOUT Nutrition Direct®

At Nutrition Direct® we stock a wide range of high quality bodybuilding supplements at unbeatable prices. Whether your aim is to add muscle whilst simultaneously reducing body fat, or whether it is to become an out and out muscle mass monster – we have supplements for every goal.


With supplementation becoming increasingly more mainstream, whey protein is at the very forefront of this trend. If you are looking to maximise your results in the gym then it is vital to consume high amounts of protein. Nutrition Direct® whey protein offers a cost-effective and convenient alternative to food sources.

At ND, we feel we shouldn’t just sell you great products, at great prices, with industry leading delivery speed – but help you use them too!